New Testimonials from MBSR participants!

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I train on mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR), mindfulness for social change, collaboration and group working, training of trainers and I co co-ordinate the Mindfulness for Social Change Network.

Why mindfulness and social change?

For me, mindfulness isn’t just about individualistic attempts to improve our mental and physical well-being – as important and empowering as this is. We live in a complex world where who we are is shaped by our social context. Understanding the systems which feed or contribute to our sense of stress, anxiety, or ‘never being enough’ – is important as it means we can make more choices of how whether we buy into these narratives. With a mindfulness practice, we begin to realise how much more agency we have, and how on ‘autopilot’ we are more susceptible to cultural messages to be more, do more, have more and never stop to ‘be you’. Sound interesting? Come to a Mindfulness and Social Change course or if you are already practising mindfulness, you can join the increasingly international Mindfulness and Social Change Network.

Not interested in social change?

I offer a range of courses. You can come to one of my standard Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses or if you have done a course before and want a reminder – then join my next Re-Mind four week course. I am particularly keen to increase the diversity of those attending mindfulness courses – and aim for half men and women, and as much diversity in ethnicity, sexuality, educational background, political and religious belief and languages as possible. Courses are typically international, and so far, the age range has tended to be between mid twenties and mid sixties – but there are no limits (as long as you are over 18).


“Paula teaching was… excellent, appreciative, encouraging, humble, clear, honest, boundaried in a good way, alive to us.”

Ali – May 2017 MBSR

“Mindfulness is about being aware of how you are…so you can make changes if you’d like to…. It is easy to forget what is important and what makes us happy… This (course) give you the space to investigate that. It was an excellent course!”

Rose, student. MBSR – May 2017