In my efforts to connect inner work through mindfulness practice with social and environmental justice, I co-organise a network and bring people together around the theme, I train on residential and longer term courses and occasionally write.

Mindfulness and Social Change Network

I co-founded the Mindfulness and Social Change Network to create open spaces for practitioners, trainers, academics, activists and change makers to explore the connection between the two. Check out the network and join here.

Mindfulness courses and workshops for activists

To learn about my work training activists on mindfulness – check out the courses I am running here, or read more about the Ulex Project in Spain where I do most of my training.

Mindfulness courses in the community

As important as courses are for learning mindfulness, at the moment, my focus is on creating longer term spaces for people to practice together and feel a sense of community. At the moment, I run a drop in mindfulness session on Tuesday evenings online.

Check out this 3 minute testimonial for feedback on my courses.

3 min testimonials

Mindfulness articles

For more on my work and views around the intersection of mindfulness and social change, read my most recent articles on Open Democracy’s ‘Transformation’ site: