About Paula & Contact

You can contact me at paulahaddock(at)hotmail.co.uk


I spent ten years working in International Development, before finally leaving full time work to dedicate my time to teaching mindfulness. In May, I complete a four year post graduate diploma in Mindfulness Based Approaches with Bangor University and I currently teach in Oxford, UK and Spain.

As well as training mindfulness based stress reduction and mindfulness based cognitive therapy, I am exploring how inner practices can help to support social change work through building personal awareness, resilience and insight. As time went on, I met more and more people with similar interest and so I co-founded the Mindfulness and Social Change Network, which I now co-ordinate along with Luke Wreford, and this supports us to connect and collaborate with those with similar interests. The network now has over 100 members and is becoming increasingly global.

Every year, I train with Ecodharma based in Spain which works with grassroots activists across Europe. I am a massive advocate of their work in prioritising the inner realm of social change. I am currently on the advisory board and I am in the process of developing a Mindfulness and Social Change course with Guhyapati, Ecodharma’s founder. They are in the process of developing a new project called ‘Ulex’ which will offer even more highly sought after, and transformative courses for social change actors.

Prior to all of this, I used to work for Oxfam GB, then INTRAC as the Training Manager for six years. I was responsible for managing INTRAC’s broad range of training programmes including tailor-made, open, and blended courses. I still work with INTRAC occasionally as an associate and trains on training of trainers, facilitation skills, M&E of training and capacity building. I am also a co-founding member of the Training Providers Forum, which shares best practices in training provision to the international development and humanitarian sector.