Mindfulness for Connection in a Disconnected World, Oxford, UK, 8 week course, 29 Oct – 17 Dec 2018

Despite advances in technology and ways of connecting with each other, we seem to be getting more stressed, time-poor and isolated than ever before. On this course we will learn how mindfulness can help us become more present, alive and mentally spacious. We will explore what contributes to our feelings of disconnection and how we can regain a sense of being more deeply connected with ourselves and each other.

We will learn how to strengthen our inner resources to be resilient in these fast-paced, stress laden and precarious times, focusing on becoming balanced, energised and creative. The course will cover current issues such as the growth of ‘the attention economy’ – how our attention is becoming one of the most valuable commodities of our time. We’ll explore the affect this has on our personal and collective well-being, and how we can learn to redirect our attention and energy towards experiences that enrich us. We’ll learn how to work with emotions and cultivate qualities for the wellbeing of ourselves and others. We’ll also explore how our views and perceptions shape our individual and collective behaviours and learn how we can break free from unhelpful narratives and limiting beliefs.

This course is about discovery through experience. You will learn a range of mindfulness practices and exercises that you can do at home and in your groups and communities to bring mindfulness into everyday life. This course focuses strongly on learning in a group context and will involve mindful communication, and group awareness practices. Perhaps we can even set new trends towards collective, sustainable well-being for our own groups and communities.

The course runs every Monday for eight weeks from 29th October from 6-8.30pm. The course includes a weekend of workshops on 1st and 2nd December from 9.30-4.30pm.

Course rates are £175 or 1% of income (whichever is lower). Minimum £90. Discounts for groups are available.