Recommended Resources

This page is ‘under construction’ more to follow in February 2021…

Guided Meditations

Meditation teacher Karunavira has free to download guided meditations on his site here


Insight timer

Mindfulness based initiatives

Mark Williams, Finding Peace in a Frantic World (book)

Jon Kabat Zinn, Full Catastrophy Living (book)

Socially engaged mindfulness

Social mindfulness zine – Meg-John Barker (pdf)

The battle for our attention: the defining problem of our time? – Dan Nixon (article)

Spiritualize: revitalizing spirituality to address 21stCentury challenges – Jonathan Rowson (pdf)

A meta-critique of mindfulness critiques: from McMindfulness to Critical Mindfulness – Zack Walsh (pdf)

Modes of mindfulness: prophetic critique and integral emergence – David Forbes (pdf)

A political economy of attention, mindfulness and consumerism – Peter Doran (book)

Handbook of Mindfulness: Culture, Context, and Social Engagement – Ron Purser (ed) (book)

Co-designing economies in transition: radical approaches in dialogue with contemplative social sciences – Zack Walsh (ed) (book)

Ethical foundations of mindfulness – Stanley, Purser and Singh (eds) (book)

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